Welcome to Radarus Project

The Idea

Many of real-world activities people do are social by nature. Why is your application different? Your users already have many in common, and they do common things just because they use same app - your app. What you need is just an engine to analyze that and deliver to your users as social experience.

What is RADARUS?

RADARUS is a natural social network builder that uses real-world services you already provide to your users. RADARUS provides social application infrastructure that can be integrated into exiting application and/or web site user management system to convert your userbase into the next generation social network.

RADARUS components

RADARUS contains ready-to-use components that allow business customers to uncover social experience for their users:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Developer portal (yes, you are here)
  • Client components (SDKs)
  • User Dashboard for your app


RADARUS uncovers social power of your user's activities that already present in your app. That is: your users already do something in your app, right? Are they fun of same football team? Do they chat in same room? Do they play on same table? Just tell RADARUS about that and RADARUS will do the rest! The unique "Auto Friends Discovery" feature analyzes user activity and creates users "buddy list" without need of explicit "Add friend" action. Don't worry, we still have "add friend" button for users who want explicit friending. And yes, existing social network profiles may be integrated into RADARUS as well.

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